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B2B e-CommerceSolving B2B's Unique Challenges & Requirements For e-Commerce

Data IntegrationsIntegrate Your e-Commerce Site With Your ERP or Other Backend System

Integrated ContentValue-Added Content To Support Customer Purchases and Interaction

Digital MarketingCampaigns To Generate Leads, Retain Customers and Boost Sales


B2B Companies Need Some Lovin' Too!

As a B2B company, you face numerous challenges when it comes to your online offerings and marketing endeavors. You want to make sure your investment is well spent, whether it's developing a professional, working e-Commerce site, producing integrated content or running a lead-gen campaign.

So why do most designers & marketers flock to the B2C markets? Where's the fun in that?

At The Mod Agency, we embrace the challenges of B2B - it's the focus of our business and yours. Let us help your company realize your full potential online.

Can B2B Companies Find Passion & Excitement In Their Websites? Hell Yes!

This is the modern world! It’s OKAY for your B2B company to have a website that’s professional, sophisticated, graphically inspiring, practical, functional, responsive and naturally engaging to your customers!

Your website is the base for all your online (and offline) marketing efforts. It’s where first impressions can attract new leads or make them turn tail and run! Your website should be beautiful AND smart, supporting your internal processes while making it easier for your customers to buy (and continue buying) from you.


B2B e-Commerce Design:
What's At Stake? A LOT!!

Due to the huge growth & success of B2C e-commerce, customers of B2B companies are now expecting the same online buying experience and level of quality with their B2B vendors. A renaissance is NOW happening with B2B e-commerce. More and more B2B companies are launching new, modern websites, developed specifically to handle their e-commerce requirements.

As a B2B company you have unique business rules, including payment methods, pricing levels, tax rules, shipping solutions, public product visibility ... to name a few. Not only do you want to translate those requirements to your e-commerce site, you also want to expand your marketing & promotional capabilities as well.

As Miva Merchant certified developers, and B2B web designers, we can translate your rules, requirements, needs & wants into a modern, professional e-commerce & content-rich website.

Every ceiling, once reached, becomes a floor.

Aldous Huxley

B2B e-Commerce Design Features

A sample of features available in our B2B e-Commerce websites.

Responsive Layout

Automatically adapts to any screen size. Perfect for supporting mobile devices. Avoids Google's penalty.

Unltd Products & Categories

Thousands of products? Thousands of categories? No problem. Unlimited support.

Robust Catalog Management

Hide pricing & inventory from the general public, allowing them access only to your product data & applications.

Data Integration

Integrate your Miva website with your backend ERP or Enterprise system.

Custom Payment Methods

Offer your customers payment options including open account and support for PO numbers.

Wholesale Pricing

Multiple pricing tiers? Volume discount levels? Set up the right pricing structure.

Express Order Form

Allow customers to add multiple line items to the shopping cart at one time via CSV upload.

Tax Exemption

Exempt products and/or customers from being charged sales tax.

Custom Product Availability

Make certain products available only to certain customers.

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Right Here! Right Now! ... Now What?

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Like you, we're professionals. And like you, we take our business seriously. Unlike you, however, we'll take care of everything when it comes to developing your B2B website.

Keys to a successful project and a happy ending (or beginning?) include proper planning, preparation and communication. We will learn everything about your business to achieve the results that you expect. We will guide you, educate you and train you, so you can better manage your new website.

Why The Mod Agency? With over 20 years experience in web development, including starting, growing and selling a multi-million dollar e-commerce company, we will not disappoint.

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